Blender 2 Godot

Blender3D to Godot Engine exporter

For Blender3D artists and game developers.

A free tool (GPL or MIT... I need support on this...) developed for a quick scenario testing and virtual tour deploying.

Edit: GPL because the Blender bpy libraries are GPL licensed.

Blender2Godot is a Blender3D addon that exports a Blender 3D scene to a Godot Engine project.

This addon is in alpha state. It has a lot of bugs and it works as it is currently. Sorry ;-)

See known issues below.

Current features (v0.1)

  • Works in all platforms (Linux, MacOS, Windows).

  • Scenario colliders setup.

  • Lighting setup available. (only realtime lights for the moment)

  • Sky setup. Basic.

  • Gravity setup. (for player, not for objects)

  • First Person navigation.

  • Multiplatform executable deploying (Linux, MacOS, Windows, Web).


Blender 3D addon:

All the code and testing is available at at:


First of all, if Godot is not installed in your system, download it at:

And install it (if you have to). Remember the installation path, you will need it.

If you want to export game binaries to some platform, install the Godot export templates (read how to below, after tutorial).

Then, you have to download the Blender2Godot addon at:

Finally, follow the tutorial!


  1. Open Blender3D. Open the blend file you want to use.

2. Go to Edit Menu.

3. Go to addons tab. Press "Install...".

4. Find file (double click or click and accept).

5. Click addon checkbox to enable it.

6. Press N (view 3D properties) and click "Blender2Godot" tab.

7. Fill addon properties. Select Godot executable path.

8. Fill project name and icon.

9. Select other properties (scene, player, active object collider type, ...).

10. Click "Export to Godot". Godot will be executed and project exported. Close Godot when exporting finishes.

11. You can test it from Blender directly.

12. And export it to different plaltforms at once. (export templates must be installed before)

Godot export templates

  • Install them:

    • Open Godot Engine.

    • Go to Project/Export menu.

  • Click "Add...", and select one of them.

  • Click on "Manage Export Templates". (Above export buttons)

  • Click on "Install From File" button if you have download it before. Otherwise, click on "Download" button.

  • Close Godot Engine.

Known issues

  • Blend file has to be saved before exporting.

  • Game update not allowed. The hole project has to be reimported every time.

  • Icon required.

  • Camera required. (One camera has to be set up as player)

  • Flatpak (linux) packages are not working due the sandbox security permissions.

Roadmap (v1.0)

  • Fix known issues.

  • Game project update, without overwriting.

  • Android deployment.

  • Smart collider creation.

  • Blender shading nodes translations.

  • Improve lighting.

  • Improve materials.

  • Better UI ;-)

  • More....


If you need help, please, send me an email at

Thank you very much :-)